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September is sneaking on by!

Posted on September 24, 2014 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello all! Lets try this again, fingers crossed....

Just a quick update (well it would of been hehe thanks beastly gremlins)

Yay its Autumn! Dink loves this time of year. The crisp cooler sunny mornings with their bright blue skies, the ever changing colour of the leaves. Natures gifts....acorns, conkers, blackberries (to name a few) Gathering in the veg ive spent all summer tending with love, and countless watering cans. The darker nights when i get in from work and dont have to find an excuse to hybernate in my PJ's :D

Pink Autumn Card

Pink Autumn Card by ickledink

Well fingers crossed i will slow down enough that i get to like to update here, i think i feel the need to make another 101 things list to help me with my procrastinating ;) i definatly would like to make some more free art, i want to re-open my Etsy store...and dare i say it i must start to think about making Christmas items :D

So keep your eyes peeled, feel free to share, and dont forget to stop by and say dont have to be a member im sure...well kinda hehe. Would be great to hear from you!

Big cheesy grins from the one and only Dink.

Flaming Free art Friday... its July already?!!

Posted on July 15, 2014 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)

      July Card
July Card by ickledink
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Hello All!
Well i cant believe its mid July already and i yet again have been lax with updating my website :(  Naughty me hehe.
Oh well :)
Where to start?  Its been pretty busy in the world of Dink, not so much on the art making side to be honest, had a bit of brain block on that front till lately, but things are moving in the right direction with that now PHEW!!!.  Summer seems to be more of a grow your own food and make the garden into a peaceful space to chill in. :D That i am doing well with, and its kind of arty... ok creative...bit like my dancing so my kid says lmao. ;)

Wanted to tell you about a new group i have just become part of... Free Art Friday.  Its a global thing, probably in a city near you...feel free to join.

Heres a few pieces of mine that have been dropped in Plymouth Uk over the last few fridays.  Loving the feeling i get knowing my art is out there :D
All packed up and ready to go....

The pics below are of my items that have been dropped, and where they are :) 
These images belong to Free Art Friday Plymouth.




Well thats todays update over and done with, time for me to go back out in the sun for some R+R :D Thanks for stopping by...dont forget to say hi!